American Online Gambling Developments

Positive developments in Delaware, New Jersey and Massachusetts but disappointment in Utah.

Delaware has moved a step closer to the regulation and licensing of online gambling as it emerged that state officials have held a number of meetings with gambling industry representatives.

Discussion focused on plans to expand the industry by legalizing intra state gambling, allowing more onsite venues for gambling and offering financial breaks to land casinos in exchange for their support.

Meanwhile, New Jersey Senator Ray Lesniak fully expects online gambling to be legalized by fall. The vote on the bill is expected to take place on May 31.

In Massachusetts, the second meeting of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission convenes this week. It follows the Committee’s decision at the first meeting to negotiate agreements with Spectrum Gaming and to enlist the advice of law firm, Michael & Carroll, on casino regulations and law enforcement procedures.

Finally, Utah state governor Gary Herbert has written to Congressional leaders asking them not to allow federal gambling. It is another blow for the industry, as the state has already nixed any possibility of legalized online gambling.

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