Isle of Man Seeks to Change Law to Host Live Gaming Tournaments

There is big gambling news in the Isle of Man, the Island located between Ireland and England in the Irish Sea. It seems the Department of Economic Development of Isle of Man has made plans to alter their Acts in regard to Casino, Lotteries and Gaming Betting in order to make it easier to host live game tournaments on the Island.

The reason for the plans is due to the fact that the department has discovered a number of opportunities in terms of bringing tournaments involving live gaming to the Island.  For instance, it would draw in more tourists, improve the local economy, as well as increase the number of visitors to the Isle of Man.

The current gambling laws only allow live gaming tournaments at select venues.  However, as changes to these laws are made, GSC would be able to offer an extensive range of potential gambling licensees and gaming venues to organizers who want to host the live tournaments.

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