Mahjong Logic Ltd. Partners with London’s Hippodrome Casino

The world’s leading peer to peer online mahjong software provider Mahjong Logic Ltd. has recently unveiled a new partnership with Hippodrome Casino.  The London based bricks and mortar Hippodrome Casino is among the many land based casinos that are seeking to expand their brands into the online gaming industry.

The CEO of Mahjong Logic has said that they are pleased to be bringing online mahjong to a traditional and well known land based casino like Hippodrome Casino.  Furthermore, due to the fact that Hippodrome is located right next to London’s Chinatown, it is thought that the newly featured mahjong software will become a huge hit.

Mahjong is an incredibly popular game in both Chinese and non-Chinese cultures.  Since Hippodrome Casino already has a large number of Chinese and Asian players who are fans of the mahjong game, the new deal the casino has made with Mahjong Logic is predicted to be quite the success.

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