Free keno - enjoy your free time with free online keno

Keno is an easy and unique game that is similar to a lottery. In many countries it has become popular due to television broadcasts.

Unlike the versions played in casinos, where players are given paper tickets, the online keno versions allow you to relax while the computer does all the marking for you.

If you have already played keno games at a casino, you will doubtless remember the Keno rooms and the frantic atmosphere bubbling within the room. But online Keno gives you the advantage of better precision, for example automatic marking.

In front of the computer screen you can take your time and this will allow you to make better, more in-depth decisions, and therefore increase your likelihood of winning, especially when you can find free keno games on the internet. Free online keno helps you improve your skills and strategy with no cost.

The aim of the game is to guess which numbers will be drawn from a possible 20, of the overall 80, in each round.

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