Minnesota Lawmakers Discusses Pros and Cons of Casino Gaming Expansion Plan

The gaming debate has happened in numerous US states in the past few years. But no matter where the debate happened, the arguments of pro and anti-gaming groups are still the same. It was the state of Minnesota’s turn on April 26th, 2011, Tuesday, with pro and anti-gambling groups giving their side on the issue.

The end result was an astounding debate between individuals that firmly believed on their ideals. The pro-gaming organizations, which included owners of restaurants and pubs in Minnesota, believed that casino gaming expansion is important and offering video slot machines and electronic pull-tabs will help the state earn additional funds for the state budget.

The state legislature is already discussing a bill that would permit casino gaming expansion. Tribal casino officials are one of the groups that are not in favor of gaming expansion. The Indian tribes want to maintain their monopoly on slot machines and they are not keen on facing additional gaming competition.

Gaming Analyst Steve Schwartz said that the situation in Minnesota has taken place all over the country, with tribal casinos wary of having their earnings cut by new competition. But state officials would have to consider the revenue that they will receive from gaming expansion and providing new jobs for residents.

Minnesota has faced these gaming talks before. State legislators had considered the idea of gaming expansion as an option to raise money for the construction of a brand new home for the Minnesota Vikings.

The team said that they are planning to relocate if they do not get assistance from state officials in creating a brand new stadium. Casino gaming would permit for millions of dollars to be allocated for the new Vikings stadium.



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