Lucky players strikes high at King Solomons Casino

A Greek player found his great luck while playing Marvel slot games at King Solomons Casino. The winning doesn’t involve any jackpots and worth almost €200K.

It is well known that Marvel Slots at King Solomons Casino, specifically X Men Slots are awarding high payouts to players. To prove that again, a player from Greece has recently won an outstanding amount of €191,550 while playing certain games offered by the casino. The lucky player has begun its gambling activity at Kings Solomon Casino by playing Iron Man 2, placing the minimum wager on spin, of €250.

While he was playing, the fortunate player from Greece was awarded a huge amount reaching €8,000 and €15,750 and after that he continued his gaming experience with Iron Man 2. Then he switched to X Men Slots where he received a massive payout worth approximately €200,000. The big win was given to him after an aggressive wagering and he got his payout without even having any share of the Marvel Progressive Jackpot.

The player has been congratulated by the spokesman of King Solomons Casino which added that the casino will be happy to see some other players hitting high payouts.

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