Slot games provide the most fun that can be had online, sometimes even more than other games. For this reason online software developers release and promote such games aggressively. Found at all online casinos, online bingo sites and other sites providing exclusive slots, arcade and skill games, these engage the players so much that they always keep asking for more. And this excessive demand has its own attractive reasons. With fun and entertainment being the foremost reason, slot games also provide an option to players to win massive progressive jackpot prizes.

This was aptly demonstrated by an incredibly lucky UK woman, who made some huge money for herself, and now looks forward to a new life of immense possibilities. Playing at Party Casino, the woman managed to win an online jackpot of $4,445,947. The amount won, has been among the biggest online prizes that have been seen lately, with the biggest being €6.37 million, way back in May 2009. Party Casino has been known worldwide for allowing only UK and European players to use its site, so although the money might be in dollars, no US players are generally allowed.

Choosing to remain anonymous, the winner hit the jackpot on melon madness after winning in thousands. She then decided to try her luck with a big PJP. Having joined the site just 9 days before, it can be assumed that some kind of beginners luck can be credited for her win. However, she still remains surprised mentions that she does not feel like a millionaire at all.

Of late, it has been noticed that ladies are having their fair share of luck in slot games online and this can be seen in the payout of over $8 million in huge jackpot prize money to women in May, 2011. Emphasizing this fact, one lucky lady won almost $500,000 and another $800,000 just a few hours before the current massive win.

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